What is Moose March?

Moose March is a Summer-Starting, Charity Fundraising Birthday Bar Crawl in Red Bank, NJ!

Hello and welcome! My name is Tom Musumeci. Thanks for visiting our website. It all started in 2012 as a bar crawl for my 40th birthday. It was a fantastic evening with maybe 15-20 friends- we had T-shirts made, we went from place to place in Red Bank, NJ, we took lots of pictures, drank a few adult beverages, and just had a silly fun time.

Since then, Moose March has grown to be a summer-starting tradition – and a charity fundraiser – with 80, 90, sometimes 100 friends all joining in the fun! It’s held the first or second Saturday in June, before all of the summer and holiday planning fill the calendar.

Traditionally we have Moose March in Red Bank, NJ, and go to amazing bars and restaurants like Jamian’s, Red Tank Brewing, the Dublin House, Red Rock, and more. Some of our original stops have closed (farewell, Walt St. Pub and the Downtown). In 2020, during the height of COVID-19 lockdowns, we did an outdoor T-Shirt delivery event to many stops and brought Moose March all over the state of NJ. In 2021 for the 10 year anniversary, I held the event in my backyard.

Basically, Moose March is a fantastic night with friends who all come together to have fun and raise money for a wonderful cause.

Join us!!

Origin of “Moose March”

Well…the name anyway…

We were trying to plan something for my birthday in 2012…and the idea of a bar crawl was born. I explained all this in the very first post, What Is Moose March. What I didn’t say, however, was how the name came into existence.

During the spring of 2012, my friend Tatum Peckham (now Tatum Lenaghan <3) was working in my office to help me keep my sh*t together organize the practice, sell items on eBay, and generally make work a nicer place in which to exist.

As we discussed various names for my bar crawl that would go with “Moose,”….she said something like, “How about Moose…March?”

This lady. We’ve had tons of fun together at parties (ask about my infamous martini party), but she’s yet to attend a Moose March. One day…. cheers, T!