Countdown to MMXI – 9 Days! Marcher Spotlight: Genevieve

Some of the best friendships are the ones you make randomly on the journey. One of these amazing people is Genevieve C. And the story is great!

We met Genevieve during Moose March V in 2016 at Jamian’s in Red Bank. It was stop number two, and several of us were up at the bar ordering a tasty beverage. This lovely young woman looked at us and all the fun we were having, and said something to the effect of: ”What’s a Moose March, I want in!”

As the legend goes, I believe Genevieve was on a first-ish date that night and totally wanted out haha! Well shots were consumed, friendships were sealed, and photos were taken- and we ended up meeting one of the nicest people ever.

Genni has been one of us ever since, and we are better for it! Here is a photo of our first meeting in 2016, and a re-creation in 2019: