Marcher Spotlight: Moxie

Melissa Jaworski, aka Moxie, is one of the sweetest people you’d ever want to know. Always ready with a smile and a laugh, Moxie has been a friend for years, and a part of Moose March almost since the very beginning, starting with number 3 in 2014.

Moxie is an expert at cutting Moose March T-shirts to make them super cute and fun, and has even given clinics at our former first stop at the Walt St. Pub lol (see the pic below!)

Probably the coolest tie-in, however, is that she and her amazing husband Jeff actually had their baby boy ON MOOSE MARCH DAY. We received some unforgettable texts that day…and as excuses go, I *guess* it’s not a bad reason to miss the crawl haha.

Melissa, you are truly a kind human being, and it’s really wonderful being your friend. Thank you for all of the fun times, and I’m looking forward to more!