Moose March Eve 2022

Moose March Eve 

‘Tis the night before Moose March,
and all through the town
Hums a buzz about fun
That’s about to go down.

The T-shirts are ready,
All packed up with care–
To be given to good friends
Who soon will be there.

It’s Moose March Eleven
It now can be said 
We go back where it started
And paint the town Red 

Some places are gone now
We’ll miss those old bars
So we’ll visit the new ones
And show who we are

A flock of new Moosen
Who love to have fun
Spreading joy all ‘round town 
When all’s said and done

Remembering the greatness
Of Moose Marches past
Gives everyone memories
We all know will last

I can’t wait to see you
And share in a toast
To celebrate friendships
That matter the most

So get ye prepared
For Saturday’s cheer
And let’s drink to good times
And another great year!